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Chuck Williams

August 31, 2022


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Safes are robust and wise security measures for your valued assets. It is no wonder that the market for safes and vaults is estimated to reach a value of $9.14 billion by 2027 according to research by Allied Market Research. However, while being secure, they are not immune to being prone to issues that can bar even you from accessing your valuables inside it.

If you have been locked out of your safe, do not panic because a locksmith for safes can not just help you avoid causes that lead to being locked out but also regain access to your safe.

As safes are a sensitive case and attention to keeping valuables inside it safe while troubleshooting is vital, you should be sure to be on the lookout for a trustworthy and experienced locksmith.

How Often Should I Have My Safe Serviced?

Your safe requires to be serviced by a locksmith regularly to be able to continue functioning properly.

By regularly maintaining your safe, you can prolong the life of your safe for many decades. You can also lessen the risk of getting locked out because getting locked out of access to your valuables during urgency can be highly inconvenient.

You can also save up bigger costs by catching the issues early on, because if the safe refuses to open due to wear, then certain methods to open it have the potential to damage the lock even if the locksmith is experienced and careful. You will then have to seek lock replacement, which costs heftier than routine servicing.

The needed frequency depends on the amount of usage. If it is heavily used, e.g. opened various times every day like commercial safes, then it should be serviced annually or every two years. Otherwise, it should be serviced every 3-5 years.

When You Should Call a Locksmith for a Check Outside Routine Service

If you notice the signs of your safe lock being faulty, then you should seek a locksmith’s safe lock services promptly so that the issue does not exacerbate and add up to the costs. For example, the door may feel stiff or sound noisy, the door might not open on the first attempt, etc.

The locksmith would fix the malfunctioning components or replace them as needed and save you from heftier costs in case the issues would have turned worse with delay.

What Does Servicing a Safe Entail?

The safe lock mechanisms are disassembled, inspected, and maintained as needed.

The wheel, hinge, bolts, etc. are lubricated and cleaned to prevent jamming and ensure the door opens and closes smoothly.

All the components are also thoroughly inspected for signs of wear. If there are any faulty or worn parts found, then these are fixed or replaced as appropriate.

Can Locksmiths Open Safes?

You may find yourself being locked out due to the safe malfunctioning due to failure of either door linkage, safe combination registration, fingerprint recognition, keypad, etc., or even due to you forgetting the code or losing the key.

Either way, an expert locksmith for safes has tools to open the safe and help you regain access to your valuables inside the safe. Additionally, the locksmith can help bring your safe lock back to working and keep it maintained with routine services.

You should not attempt to force open the safe on your own. Opening locked safes can be a complex procedure and require expertise and care. You may end up damaging your safe and, in turn, adding to the costs. You should seek professional services from an expert locksmith who can open a safe.

How Do Locksmiths Open Safes?

A locksmith has a variety of tools and methods to open safes. Here are 4 ways among them:


A drill rig is used to drill a very small hole into the safe to insert an instrument like a borescope to observe the mechanisms of the lock. From there on, the bolt position is traced. Then a tool like a long punch rod is utilized to push the bolt to open the safe.

Once this procedure is done, the hole is repaired by the locksmith to make the safe usable and secure again.

Duplicating the Key

If your safe lock uses a key, but you have lost the key or the key is not working due to being worn, then an experienced locksmith may be able to craft a new key.

If a key code is stamped around the keyhole, the locksmith can use it to find the right key blank and key cut to use to make a brand—new key. Otherwise, the locksmith may try impressioning the key.

Safe Lock Manipulation

This is a method for a combination lock that can be used if you have forgotten the combination.

It entails attentively listening to the sound of dials turning, which helps the locksmith figure out the combination. A stethoscope may be used to help with it.

It requires a lot of experience and patience, and it may take an hour or more to work out.


This is a rare and unlikely means to open the safe, and it is used only in dire situations. By using a tool like a saw, the locksmith cuts straight into the safe.

This destroys the safe, but you can regain access to your valuables inside it. 

Where Can I Find a Locksmith That Can Open a Safe Near Me?

Losing access to your valuables is very distressing, and even more so if you require them urgently. Faster Locksmith understands this and has qualified top—rated locksmiths for safes ready to provide urgent and optimal solutions for any of your safe lock issues.

With our over five years of experience in serving Toronto with our excellent safe services, we can happily assist with unlocking your safe, as well as servicing it regularly and nipping any arising issues in the bud.

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