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How Restricted Key Systems Prevent Unauthorized Key Duplicates

November 8, 2022
Do you want to restrict any unauthorized key duplication? Leveraging the legal protection provided by the restricted key systems will g ...
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French Doors Security: Must-Haves to Secure Your French Door

November 8, 2022
Is your French door keeping your home safe? Ensure that you are using a secure door lock system and taking other measures recommended i ...
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Key Copying: Everything to Know About Cutting Duplicate Keys

November 1, 2022
Considering a duplicate key for your home? Learn more about how it would work and how it can help. ...
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Your Guide to Door Lock Types: 14 Different Types of Locks

November 1, 2022
There are countless different types of door locks. Which lock is the best to use for your property needs and your preferences? ...
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Locked Out of Your Safe: 8 Reasons Why Your Safe Won’t Open

October 31, 2022
Your safe refusing to open can highly disrupt and distress you. Learn how to promptly troubleshoot the issue and get your safe opened. ...
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Jammed Door Lock Latch: How to Fix a Stuck Door Latch

October 26, 2022
A sticking door latch can be highly inconvenience and insecure. Learn what jams it and how to fix it. ...
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Different Types of Safe Locks: Best Safe Lock for Your Valuables

October 26, 2022
The types of safe locks include combination locks, key locks and electronic locks. But how to choose the best type of safe lock to secu ...
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Door Lock Maintenance Tips to Keep Your House Safe

October 21, 2022
Learn the tips for lock maintenance to ensure the security and maximize the lifespan of your house door lock. ...
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Pros and Cons of Smart Locks For Your Home Door

October 12, 2022
Wondering about the smart lock pros and cons to decide whether to install it on your front door? This article will help you make the de ...
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8 Effective Ways to Remove a Broken Key From a Lock

October 8, 2022
Learn what are the ways to remove a broken key from a lock and why it may be best to call a locksmith to fix the issue. ...
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A quick look in to the question we are constantly asked.
You should get a professional locksmith to replace your lock because locksmiths have the skills and tools that the average person doesn’t own. Just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you are equipped to do a task that involves opening a lock or changing the key. For one thing, most people don’t own lock-picking sets or specialized tools like what a locksmith would have. These are tools that would give you access to a lot of safes and doors without having to damage them in any way.
A locksmith is a person who repairs or installs locks, and that's maily what we do. However, we are often called to provide other services as well, such as installing deadbolts, repairing broken keys, and providing security advice. The most common services that a locksmith provides are lock installation, lock repair, key duplication and key replacement. As a company, we expand upon the latter and also deal with other not-so-common household annoyances like garage door repair and installation, electric openers, patio sliding doors, emergency locksmith services, and many others
The fact that we’re not fast, but faster is certainly one of them, but there are also many more. Some of the benefits that we can provide you with include:
- We provide customer satisfaction through efficient customer service, fast and pleasant techs, fair prices, and quality locks and keys.
- Top quality products that we use. We keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry to make sure your home is fortified with the latest security products and that your locks are of the best quality.
- You get courtesy, reliable, and trustworthy service at all times.
In most cases, the best route is to swap out your old set of locks altogether. Older locks were typically made with a variety of simplistically cobbled together devices and even today, a great deal of shoddy craftsmanship is still seen. The best locksmiths in the industry will always direct you towards picking up a new set of locks and that’s because a trained professional is able to not only replace the parts that are broken, but make sure to outfit you with high end parts that will ensure you’re getting a much more secure locking solution that will last for well beyond the of your current doors.

Some situations, however, do allow for a repair instead of a replacement, but most of the times require from specialized equipment not generally available in the household.

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