Can Property Managers Trust Toronto Locksmith Services?

April 21, 2022

Chuck Williams

Life and the real estate market have changed dramatically since the pandemic. With the international decline of travel and college students who require housing, the real estate market has seen prices rise to the top. With less property being sold or rented, it's easy to assume locksmiths are no longer needed.

However, since there is a need for property management companies to serve Toronto: the same is also valid for locksmith services. There has been growth within the industrial sector due to the demand for more logistics centers, and there's been a modest +1.2% population increase.

While it is possible to save money by eliminating locksmithing services, you would also be doing the property an incredible disservice.

While you can save money by not paying for locksmithing services, you'll be overspending time managing tasks that would be done much more quickly and professionally by a trusted locksmithing service. 

The question is... ¿How much is your time worth?

Properly screening a commercial locksmith can:

  • Help you better manage a property 
  • Save you precious time and money.
  • Offer your tenants 24/7 service.
  • Ensure you remain legally compliant.

All without costing you an arm and a leg! Read along to learn what partnering with a locksmith company can do for your property management business.

6 Reasons to Trust a Locksmith to Help You Manage Your Properties

As a property manager, having a trustworthy locksmith near me can help you better maintain rental properties and complement other services you already offer. The top six reasons why we recommend adding a locksmith to your team are:

Saves You Time and Reduces Stress while Managing Your Property

The two most important benefits that a trustworthy locksmith service offers you upfront are:

  • Save time to manage other matters or relax at home.
  • Reduce stress because you hired a reliable service to not worry about the quality of the performed task.

You can quickly fulfill those two benefits by choosing the right commercial locksmith.

One of the best ways to find the right commercial locksmith is to look through their reviews.

You want to find a locksmith service that offers professionalism and has experience in the past offering that to previous customers.

It makes sense to avoid locksmithing services that:

  • Cost you time - especially if you find yourself repairing the damage done by the locksmith.
  • Cost you peace of mind - which subtly undermines how you manage properties outright as you are concerned with the job's quality.

If you find that your time and peace of mind are drained, feel free to see how we can differ by contacting us here.

Helps You Remain Legally Compliant

As you know, managing properties also puts you in the crosshairs of legal disputes.
For example, let's consider the scenario of a wanky entrance door. Let's say that you were the one to fix that door. You can be held liable if anything happens to that door and the valuables get stolen. However, with a responsible locksmithing service, you can remain legally compliant.

Partnering with a qualified and certified locksmith can protect your career during crucially unexpected emergencies.

Manage the Tenant Evictions and Tenant Onboarding

As a property manager, you deal with tenants' requests regardless of the type of properties you manage—residential, commercial, or industrial. A constant pain point of property management is dealing with tenant evictions. For troubling times such as tenant evictions, you need a helpfully reliable locksmith service to be available quickly to change locks so you can prevent unauthorized access to your building.

Having a reliable locksmith service available to handle rekeying your lock when you need them helps you protect the property and keeps you legally compliant.

Dedicated Priority Service Available, 24/7 All the Time

Earlier, we spoke about how hiring a commercial locksmith will put you on the safe side of the law, but as a professional property manager, you require someone there for you 24/7. Below are two reasons why:

  • After-hour lockouts. If a tenant requests your help (even at 3 am), you must uphold your responsibility as the property manager and help ASAP. With a locksmith at your side, you could automate your CRM to resolve the issue without ever being woken!
  • Break-in attempts. You catch a malicious third party exploiting a malfunctioning lock. If you don't get around to it in time, that same person could come back to break into the property.

When looking for a commercial locksmith, ensure they offer all-day services all week long. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a bind when no one shows up when you're in an emergency.

We offer professional, priority service across Toronto and surrounding areas. Rest assured our support specialists will answer your call at all times.

Reconfigure Your Locks at Scale to Fit Your Customized Demands

On top of offering dedicated priority service to you that is readily available, you also have to ensure that your commercial locksmith can work within your customized demands.

Every property is different: even if constructed under the belt of the same developer. Because of it, you need a commercial locksmith who can offer you custom-made services to fit your particular needs.

Professional-Grade Repair and Setup

Last but not least, the top reason you want a reliable, trustworthy locksmith on your side is professional-grade repair and setup. Hiring a certified and qualified local locksmith helps you:

  • Ensure peace of mind that you have locks properly installed.
  • Protect you from liability since the responsibility falls on the locksmith who is supposed to install locks to secure the property you are managing safely.
  • Provide you with a record to ensure that you did everything possible to remain legally compliant.

Trades that can only be achieved by working with a true professional.

However, as we previously covered, finding a reliable locksmith in the Greater Toronto Area is an ordeal.

Partner with the best locksmith in the Greater Toronto Area

When you are a property manager and a tenant has a locksmith emergency, you can’t afford to send the first locksmith that comes out of Google. Locksmith scams are rampant, and you don’t want to expose a renter to shady people—it can jeopardize your reputation and put you in a though spot with the property owner.

Faster Locksmith is a top-rated locksmithing company, specializing in commercial locksmith service. In over 5 years, we've secured hundreds of properties and helped many families get back into their homes safely. As a property manager, we know what you are looking for and can help you create a custom plan that fully fits your needs.

Contact us today and let us help you find the best possible solution for your property management needs.

Get help in under 60s

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A quick look in to the question we are constantly asked.
You should get a professional locksmith to replace your lock because locksmiths have the skills and tools that the average person doesn’t own. Just because you have the tools doesn’t mean you are equipped to do a task that involves opening a lock or changing the key. For one thing, most people don’t own lock-picking sets or specialized tools like what a locksmith would have. These are tools that would give you access to a lot of safes and doors without having to damage them in any way.
A locksmith is a person who repairs or installs locks, and that's maily what we do. However, we are often called to provide other services as well, such as installing deadbolts, repairing broken keys, and providing security advice. The most common services that a locksmith provides are lock installation, lock repair, key duplication and key replacement. As a company, we expand upon the latter and also deal with other not-so-common household annoyances like garage door repair and installation, electric openers, patio sliding doors, emergency locksmith services, and many others
The fact that we’re not fast, but faster is certainly one of them, but there are also many more. Some of the benefits that we can provide you with include:
- We provide customer satisfaction through efficient customer service, fast and pleasant techs, fair prices, and quality locks and keys.
- Top quality products that we use. We keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry to make sure your home is fortified with the latest security products and that your locks are of the best quality.
- You get courtesy, reliable, and trustworthy service at all times.
In most cases, the best route is to swap out your old set of locks altogether. Older locks were typically made with a variety of simplistically cobbled together devices and even today, a great deal of shoddy craftsmanship is still seen. The best locksmiths in the industry will always direct you towards picking up a new set of locks and that’s because a trained professional is able to not only replace the parts that are broken, but make sure to outfit you with high end parts that will ensure you’re getting a much more secure locking solution that will last for well beyond the of your current doors.

Some situations, however, do allow for a repair instead of a replacement, but most of the times require from specialized equipment not generally available in the household.

Our reviews are not fake

We're a locksmith company that knows that our success is dependent on the trust of our clients. We set out every day to offer the best service we possibly can, and to show it we only show real reviews, all gathered and managed through Trust Mate, a regulated third party service that ensures we do not tamper with the evidence of our work.
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